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When these organic scents are combined with our own distinct smells, they provide that memory-based connection to emotions and mood that can imprint a person onto our memory in subtle ways.
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Earth Day
If you post about one small change you have made for yourself and Mother Earth on our Facebook page, you will be eligible to win a bottle of our all-natural Kesu perfume.
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We all have a few bad habits or guilty pleasures we could bid farewell to. Ask yourself , what is one thing you’d like to change and how changing that habit will not only leave you feeling 10% happier, but has been holding you back from feeling at least
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Natural Perfumer's Portfolio - Carnation
The fragrance of Carnation is a sweet, spicy, green, herbaceous floral with honey-like notes.
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Floral Collection
Rich and luxurious, organic and natural perfumes are the perfect invisible accessory for spring.
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With the spring Equinox fast approaching, now is the perfect time to Detox your skin regimen naturally and greet the vernal season with healthier natural skin.
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